Therapeutic Erotic Dance in London


September 15th, London, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Erotic Dance is:
sensuality, art, therapy, love, seduction, enjoyment, play

More than a dance class,
  it is a full workshop in the Art of Striptease,
to bring to life the goddess you carry in your body and soul
       This workshop is aimed toward every woman who wishes to open open up and enjoy Herself, be she young or old, professional homemaker or professional dancer, curvy or thin.  It is aimed at every woman who seeks a better relationship with Herself: the relationship she has with her body, the expression of her femeninity, self-esteem, her capacity to play and enjoy.  An encounter with her essential femenine Self.  This worshop is also aimed toward the woman who simply wants to try something different or special for herself or to share with her partner or lover.  First we find ourselves and then we can express ourselves with another.

       With Lily, dance teacher, artist, and flower essence therapist, we will learn to freely enjoy the goddess we carry in our bodies and souls.  Through relaxation and confidence exercizes, warm-ups and stretches, sensual movement both choreographed and intuitive, techniques for enjoying maximum use of space and each woman's own unique virtues, we will learn how to dance an authentic striptease: an expression that radiates from the inside outward.  Nudity is enitrely optional--what is important is to feel, and to feel comfortable.  To bring: various articles of clothing that make you feel elegant, playful, femenine, sensual or erotic (silks, laces, shine...) ; a long, lightweight scarf (required) ; comfortable clothes for stretching; high-heels only if you feel like it; water and a snack. More than a "strip dance" class, it is a guided journey to discover and cultivate the deep resource of your femenine power.   Maximum 10 participants

price: £87
payment must be made in advance via bank transfer or paypal
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"Thank you so much again for your beauty and elegance. And your simplicity. Striptease artists like you do turn stripping into an art, which is what i think it should be.
Dancing in general, and stripping all the more so, is, in my opinion, a descent down into the core of one´s own soul, like lunar Inanna´s descent into the Underworld to save her solar sister, who is but her other Self. The dance of the Seven Veils comes from that sacred journey into our essence, i believe."  -Tanit